Lets Peek inside to discover what’s inside Follow Up Secrets – How to harness MORE Sales opportunities in 5 easy steps.

This reference guide shares a wealth of business building principals and outlines The Kickstart Business Growth Positioning System an advanced in person and online lead generation and follow up strategy specifically designed to create your sales winning formula of connected conversations. The Business GPS includes The Conversation Strategy which identifies your expertise and packages it to connect the conversation in the room to your follow up after where you’ll access the 60% of potential clients found just beyond the first few follow ups.

The step by step ‘how to’ workbook format of Follow Up Secrets and the included Bonus Training Resources guides you through the process of creating a systematic approach to business development at the front end of your sales process.


Below is a small sample of what you’ll find inside Follow Up Secrets;

  • Starting the conversation to generate leads
  • Widening the scope of your conversations to include prospects lost in the cracks and/or left for later
  • Managing sales leads
  • Identifying your Target Market and others hiding inside your prospect list
  • Creating your Vision and Setting Goals to achieve it
  • The Conversation Strategy
  • Identifying your expertise
  • Packaging your expertise
  • Case Studies and Testimonials
  • Vision and Inspiration Boards


At the end of Follow Up Secrets you’ll have laid the foundation for your back office Follow Up Marketing ENGINE at the front of your sales process which manages sales leads and filters out tire kickers to produce a steady stream of qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients.The strategy helps you embrace digital thinking – whether it’s building a list and following up or developing an online marketing strategy and integrating technology in preparation for marketing automation and ecommerce.

If you’re not seeing the results you expected from your business development activities, the Follow Up Secrets book reveals a solid foundation to make your prospecting profitable. When you’re finished it’s easy to take the next step and create your back office Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE that automates the process and supports manageable growth.

Why is Developing a Follow Up Strategy so critical to generating more sales opportunities?

Follow up nurtures relationships and builds the know, like, trust you factor, a critical component of winning more sales. PLUS it supports your sales process by filtering out tire kickers and filling your pipeline with qualified prospects ready for you to turn into new clients. When you develop a systematized approach to follow up as part of a solid sales lead management system you’ll SIMPLIFY the process of consistently staying in front of more prospects. Not only will you generate more sales opportunities, you’ll MULTIPLY your marketing results by 9 TIMES! (that’s a proven Forrester Research statistic).

The FORTUNE really is in the follow up . . . . but it doesn’t just happen by coincidence! The Follow Up Secrets is designed to give you a road map enabling you to take action and capture more of the sales opportunities that are currently slipping through the cracks.

Pick up your copy of Follow Up Secrets, How to harness MORE Sales Opportunities in 5 easy steps and discover how to easily implement a follow up strategy into your business and stay connected to the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON!