Cheryl Max June2016Cheryl Scoffield is The Follow Up Specialist, Prospecting Expert, Mentor and International Trainer who helps business professionals and SMEs (small and mid-sized companies) business owners and their teams package their expertise to create a sales winning follow up formula of connected conversations which BUILDS TRUST a critical component of MAXIMIZING THE SALES POTENTIAL BURIED IN THEIR PROSPECT LIST.

The Good News – You’ll never feel like a pest!

Cheryl is the Author of Follow Up Secrets, How to harness MORE Sales opportunities in 5 easy steps to be published in 2018 and INCLUDES $297 of BONUS TRAINING RESOURCES to help you get started right away creating your sales winning follow up formula. You can pre-order Follow Up Secrets at the bottom of this page.

Cheryl has an entrepreneurial spirit and is passionate about fostering its transformative power in others to help them think outside the box for a fresh perspective on challenges and to create something new from existing components. She actively encourages, contributes and collaborates with her network to increase opportunities.

Cheryl loves the fact that today we can put strategies in place to produce choices to work from a couch, a coffee shop or a beach.

Cheryl lives in Oakville Ontario Canada, loves her garden, her dog MAX and her Mustang convertible!

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As the CEO of Kickstart Your Company, offering business development training and Executive Sales Support offering ‘Done For You’ business development services, Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist, teaches a systematic approach to sales lead management proven to increase sales opportunities. She uses a co-creative methodology (a blend of strategic consultation, business development training and tactical application) to help her clients fearlessly follow up to the 5th – 12th contact where 80% of sales are WON.

With over twenty five years’ experience taking a pivotal role in sales agencies and mid-market manufacturing companies Cheryl Scoffield, The Follow Up Specialist, develops business development processes and operational methodologies to increase bottom line ROI.

Business Owners rely on Cheryl to put the structure in place which brings order to chaos, lessens stress and safeguards against opportunities falling through the cracks.

Cheryl is a Speaker available for your next conference or as a break out session trainer or for interviews on radio and podcasts and guest blogging. Cheryl speaks on the topics of

Lead Generation/List Building Strategies, Business Growth Strategies/Business Development and Business Networking and Sales Lead Management.

Contact Cheryl, The Follow Up Specialist | Author Follow Up Secrets to inquire about Business Development Consulting or Skills Training for you, your team or your company. Cheryl provides business growth strategies to harness every prospect, simplify business development at the front of your sales process and manage the back office technology to create your Signature Follow Up Marketing ENGINE and multiply your results.

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